New York was given to a friend of the Duke of York.
The climate in Pennsylvania was good gowing climate, good rivers and ports. Great soil to farm goods like vegetables and fruits. -Jacklyn
Facts about middle colonies:
-Haritages of them were Polish, English, Dutch, German, and French Origins
-Most Buildings where brick due to the clay native along the riverbanks
-crops grown(new crops we have not talked about) are maize, barely, and flax. Flax is used to make clothing.
- most clothing they had where a form of dutch fasion.
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ew York facts -
In 1664, James, duke of york , received control of New Netherland. The name of the dutch colony was changed to New York in honor of the Duke of york like we read in our books.

BHC2797 - James, Duke of York, 1633-1701
BHC2797 - James, Duke of York, 1633-1701
external image willypenn.jpgexternal image capstepshr.jpgthis is penn. capitol buildingexternal image istockphoto_2410418_colonial_carpenter_wood_working_tools.jpgexternal image h.dutch.jpgthis house is what the usual dutch formation and archretecture of the middle colonies
James, Duke of York, 1633-1701 William penn founded Penn.

In the middle colonies the jobs were famers, carpeters, blacksmith, teachers, ministers. exporters.

external image carteret.jpgThis( to the left ) is a picture of cartet

Tools a blacksmith would use. -Jacklyn
external image Ch2WilliamBerkeley.jpg external image deshil_1.jpg
This is Lord Berkeley This is colonial Delaware currencey
New Jersey
external image newjerseyflag.jpg